How Should Women Adopt Kettlebell Workouts?

Kattlebells workout women

Females with an inclination towards health development and who have developed a knack towards workout are slowly discovering the benefits of kettlebells. Women who are more into dynamic training regimes like that of running, spinning or Zumba prefer lifting kettlebells because they provide dynamicity to the whole body. While the internet is clogged with exercise ideas, here is a list we prepared for you to directly dive into the exercises that are desired for your body. Do not wait any longer, pick the right set of kettlebells for sale from any website and indulge in these highly involving kettlebell exercises.

Single Arm Deadlift

This is one exercise that every woman must focus on. This exercise sends the focus right at the back and to the glutes of your body. Kettlebells 20lb weights are perfect for this and these lifts help raise your heart rate and burn calories. Weights can be increased gradually for better results.

Single-Leg Deadlifts

The human body is known to connect the hips and legs with the arms and shoulders via core muscles. This exercise works on your core muscles via the cross-body sling system. Mastering this exercise will give you a stunning torso and will not lead your spine towards injuries.

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Kettlebell Swings

Once the above exercises are mastered, this is when the real fun begins. Kettlebell swings quickly climb up the list of being the favorite and are the most effective in burning your fat. This exercise hits over 600 muscles in your body and aid in cardiovascular health.

Turkish GetUp

This is a full-body exercise that works deeply into the core muscles and increases joint mobility. Tightness or stiffness is easily cured by this exercise.

Kettlebell Row

Using kettlebells 20lb weights are ideal for this exercise and it works entirely upon your back as well as your rear shoulders. This also helps your legs and core. Your chest appearance is highly improved with this exercise.

With these noted exercises, you can visit multiple websites to procure a set of kettlebells for sale to indulge in our below-mentioned 20-minute full-body circuit exercise ideas to attain the best results.

Circuit 1: (A set of three)

•A 30 seconds kettlebell swing
•A 30 seconds jump squat to reverse lunge
•A 30 seconds forearm plank

Circuit 2: (A set of three)

•A 30 seconds 3-second hold squat
•A 30 seconds push press
•A 30 seconds thruster

Circuit 3: (A set of two, each on the right and left)

•30 seconds dead clean
•A 30 seconds bent over row
•A 30 seconds lateral lunge

Circuit 4: (A set of three)

•30 seconds walking push up
•30 seconds kneeling halo with a twist
•30 seconds around the world lunge

It is ideally advised to take a 30-second break in between each circuit for your body to adjust to the muscle breakthrough exercises. These are tedious exercises and require an entire body warm up before proceeding to hit the floor. Among the exercises that are mentioned in the circuit, you can consult your coach to modify them as per the needs and reaction of your body and add more if you are a veteran to these exercises. The benefits of kettlebells are so huge that they help you get accustomed to the dynamic movement environment and your body will luckily adapt to these regimes quite quickly.

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